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Story Prompts

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

I wanted to try doing something that will be easy to maintain, fun to look at, and useful for everyone! So, I'm going to start posting writing prompts. Feel free to use them however you wish!

1. "Please be careful. We haven't signed that will yet."

    "Yeah, but there's always life insurance!"

2. I am a man who will never learn.

3. Goblins. The world had ended and he still couldn't escape the goblins.

4. "You have an excuse for everything."

  "No, only for things I don't want to do."

5. She could only take in so much of the darkness before spots swam in her vision. Her knees buckled when she let the magic free, but his hand grasped her elbow before she could hit the floor. Whatever she had to sacrifice, it would be worth it. If it kept him sane, she could pay any cost.


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