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Be Real, Not Brilliant

This is not my original post. Somewhere between last Sunday and today, the only copy ran away. No forwarding address. No hint of whether it might reappear in the future. The only thing I can remember is it was about how sometimes two unlike things can be combined into one wonderful thing (think french fries and a Wendy's frosty) and that it was brilliant.

Now, was it actually brilliant? I don't know. But I remember it being brilliant and that's the key. I'm so stunned by the brilliance of this idea that I can't even consider rewriting it. It wouldn't match up. The new idea would be sub-par. I could never do the original post's memory justice.

Every year science is finding new ways to prove that our thoughts influence our bodies. Just Google the current year and 'thoughts influence health' to see the new discoveries scientists have made. If your thoughts can do this much to your physical body, how much more can they influence your writing or other creative pursuits?

I let my idea of that 'perfect blog post' overwhelm me. After all, what could I do when faced with the memory of its shining glory? I let it beat me. The idea of trying to measure up gave me a creative block so bad I almost recycled a post from my personal blog. The fear I wouldn't be able to write something that awesome ever again kept me from writing anything at all.

It's easy to give in when you're writing. It's a victimless crime, isn't it? I don't think so. Your words have power. Your words can change things. Next time that little voice whispers that whatever you write will never be good enough, I hope you join me by smiling and pushing on through. Starting can be the hardest part, but don't let the idea of genius keep you from trying. Having the perfect idea of a story in your head will never match up to the excitement of holding your completed draft in your hands.

Have you ever faced a time where you let brilliance beat you? What did you do to overcome it?

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