Writing Prompts

I wanted to try doing something that will be easy to maintain, fun to look at, and useful for everyone! So, I'm going to start posting writing prompts. Feel free to use them however you wish!

1. "Please be careful. We haven't signed that will yet."
    "Yeah, but there's always life insurance!"

2. I am a man who will never learn.

3. Goblins. The world had ended and he still couldn't escape the goblins.

4. "You have an excuse for everything."
    "No, only for things I don't want to do."

5. She could only take in so much of the darkness before spots swam in her vision. Her knees buckled when she let the magic free, but his hand grasped her elbow before she could hit the floor. Whatever she had to sacrifice, it would be worth it. If it kept him sane, she could pay any cost.

Blog Update

Hello all! I am back from Japan, believe it or not. I didn't stay, I didn't hop planes. I did actually come back to America. I do have a couple more travel posts to put up and I'm trying to get to them! However inherent laziness is working against me here.

Also, I put a new theme up, so I apologize for some of quality on old pictures! I will be uploading new content at larger dimensions.

Here's to another year!

Week One - Homestay, Onomichi and more!

Hi, everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I apologize for a slow posting schedule. My time here in Japan has been fantastic so far. I've spoken more Japanese in one week than I usually do in a month. I have two pages of new words and even some in Hiroshima-ben! Everyone has met tons of new people! I miss being home with my husband and my cats, but I wouldn't trade this time for anything else.


Hiroshima 2015 Study Abroad

Seimei Jinjya, Kyoto, Japan
Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my blog! On May 18th, I will be leaving Phoenix for my 2015 Study Abroad Experience. It's so close! I wanted to let you know how this blog will work while I'm abroad.

Regarding postings, our program treats us to a field trip every week. The main posts will cover these trips. They will feature a variety of topics, everything from attending a baseball game to visiting Japan's oldest shrine! In the posts, I'll include pictures of the trip, as well as write about our experiences there. If things don't get too bogged down in coursework, I'd love to be able to include a second weekly post about living abroad in Hiroshima.

Nene's Bridge, Arima, Japan
Also, a small update for my Fundraising Donors (you all are fantastic!). I originally intended to lock posts for donors until the trip was over. However in experimenting with the locking code, I found it took a lot of work for you all to actually view the content! Instead of locking the posts, I will buy everyone who donated a special gift from my trip. It's a mystery item, but I promise it will have a rich historical connection to Japanese culture!

Thank you to everyone who helped me either with words of advice and support or financial gifts. Without you, I would not be able to go on this trip! I really, sincerely appreciate your support!

Feel free to share this blog or post any questions you have below. I look forward to sharing my trip with you!

Get Writing Again

Hey everyone! If you're in the U.S., I hope you enjoy your holiday! Remember to be safe (moderately so), eat good food (in great quantities), and enjoy the company of your favorite people (for hours and hours)! If you're not in the U.S., I wish the same things for you as well :)

Out of Time

Rhein's white-knuckled hands gripped the book that bound his soul. He pushed himself to his feet. Where had the land-god sent him? He stood on a great road blacker than midnight, yet softer than stone. Flameless lanterns hung from poles over head. The strangely featureless buildings were like none he had ever seen.

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If you’ve ever Googled local sushi or played a role-playing game, you may have heard the name tengu. Tengu are a type of youkai (Japanese monster) most commonly depicted as an avian-human creature, but are capable of shape-shifting into any form. They are able to use telepathy and are thought to be skilled in martial arts. Some legends even claim they trained ninja and samurai in the art of warfare and possessed the founder of aikido. They originated from the Chinese monster tiangou, but have since made quite the name for themselves in Japan. You’ll know you’re looking at a tengu because they have large wings on their backs and either have a long beak, like the Karasu-tengu, or a prominent nose, as seen with the Yamabushi-tengu.

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