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Mikail Deitricht

Crobidoll YS


Prince of Nausk, with the Heritage Tool of Nausk. Known for his precision and long legs.

Alex Julius Rineheart

Luts Delf NaNuRi07/Fdoll body

 Witch of Centreal. The second most powerful Witch. Known for his beauty and singing voice.


Crobidoll Lance

 Android with amnesia. Runs 'House of Odds', a Trinket shop in Centreal.

Shin Scipien Nara

Luts Delf Chiwoo



Lorien Kite

Dolkot Kiss


Redhead with a knack for finding Professor artifacts. Has a mechanical right arm.

MiraBelle Lane

Delf If

A girl with two souls in one body, the souls of the twins Mira and Belle. 

Raiden Mallory

Delf Breakaway05

Rinley Mallory

Delf Breakaway08

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