Not With a Bang, But a Whisper

2/26/2012 , 0 Comments

And so ends Matsuri 2012. I wasn't there for closing this time around. We had a photo shoot at the garden for a lovely bridal couple who tipped me $5. This means I missed most of the cleanup for the booths. I feel a bit bad, not being able to toil with my coworkers, but I'm sore like someone beat me with a bat.

Matsuri was fun. I worked, played and went to a doll meet. I'm a little hesitant with regards to next week. We gave out quite a few wedding cards, so I'm sure the inquiries will go up again. Maybe we can get December weekends booked.

My online writing class started last week, so I may post some of the exercise on here.

I'll see you around ~


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