An Unfortunate Discovery

2/22/2012 0 Comments

Over years feelings change. I see it in my parents, myself, and now my job. I've tried to make it a habit in recent years not to do things that make new unhappy. I've cut relationships and hobbies. Now I think I need to do it with my job. Sitting in this board meeting makes me so unhappy with my life. Not because of the people necessarily. But while in the office I feel slightly appreciated, at these meetings I feel like an ant. Of the smushed variety. So I think it's time for a change. That makes me sad, because this job does offer advantages for me, but not enough to balance out the unhappiness in my life. Maybe if things were didn't at home it would be different, but I can't take stress on all fronts.

Now I guess I hand to figure out what to do next. I don't suppose anyone one in my invisible audience is hiring? Haha :)


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