Smash Journal

1/28/2012 , , 0 Comments

Hannah got an e-mail from Michael's last week. They were talking about these things. Smash Journals. Basically they're like a a scrapbook, but more active. To me it's about logging memories as they happen, like writing in a journal at the end of the day. Scrapbooks are where you store memories from big events. I feel like they're a ginormous project. These Smash Journals feel much more approachable. It could just be that I LOVE journals.

Anyway, Hannah went to the store, but they were all sold out. The guy behind the counter said they'd have more tomorrow.  When Hannah wants something bad enough, it gets done. So she went with mom while I was at work and picked a couple up.

These things are amazing. In their YouTube Video they show a couple of the myriad ways these journals can be used. People track their school progress, their pregnancy progress, showcase their doodles. You could use it to make a timeline of all the movie stub you've collected over the years. Your imagination and supplies are the limit. I'm creating a book of things that inspire me, or have inspired me, to feel special. Things that made me feel more than a cog in someone's engine. Or things that have made me feel in general, good and bad.

Maybe I'll try to post some pictures of it, haha. But you special people will probably just have to ask me to see it :)



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