Christmas Day

12/25/2011 0 Comments

Here we are again. Happy Christmas/holidays to anyone reading. I hope your year has been productive and filled with happiness. I've been (mostly) happy, but not productive at all. This year's word count of 13,152 is at least 40,000 words less than I wrote last year. The 2011 writing file is woefully thing compared to the last couple years. Obviously I've suffered from a lack of discipline and motivation. Between my family life and work I've had a lot on my plate. Still, those feel like excuses. Every time I've been down, I turned to writing, but after I recovered I didn't keep with it. I just faded back into an 'average' life. I ate, I worked, I slept. It wasn't very fulfilling at all. So this next year is going to be different. I know, I always say that. But this time I'm recommitting to discipline. So it will get done.

I'm just not sure what I'll do yet. I'm currently doing a series of exercises where each day I write at lease 500 words of anything except me rambling (see this blog post). So maybe I'll keep that going. Time will tell.

But that's all for now. I hope you have a happy holiday season and stay safe~


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