And the Time Flies By

12/23/2011 0 Comments

I know it's a long time after November. You can be sure if I'd won, that my silent audience would have known about it. Real life rose up and bit me in two. When it comes down to working to survive and writing to life, I had to forgo having a life for a while.

On a brighter note, the team at has made a great product! It's an in-browser writing software. Even free it's fantastic. They're just out of beta and working on getting some neat features for paid users. Eventually they will be an offline version of the product that syncs up with the cloud when you get back in contact with the internet. I can't say enough happy things about it.

It's almost Christmas, work is finally letting me get a handle on it and I have more books to read than the garden has extension cords. For those unfamiliar, it's an awful lot. Sometimes I miss those time when we were younger, elementary school/junior high, when Christmas Break actually meant being able to rest and have vacation. Now it rolls around and all I think is, 'Oh good! I can catch up on work' or 'Thank God, now I'll have a couple hours to take for my mental health'. I miss the lack of responsibility we had when we were younger. But that's what 'growing up' is all about, isn't it?

Bye all~ Happy Holidays!


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