NaNoWriMo 2011

10/23/2011 , 0 Comments

It's finally time to start planning~ My course of attack this year will start with reading the 'No Plot? No Problem!' book by Chris Baty and watching Whisper of the Heart. After that, I'll start working on some basic character stuff. I'm trying to be as loose and free as I was that first year. I had the most fun then. And isn't that the purpose of this? To have fun? It is for me and that's what I'm going to do.

I've decided to go with Issachar and Co. this time around. They were characters before they were dolls. I only have short story snippets and such for them, so it'll be perfect. I've found that if I have established characters, I can get a lot more done than if I actually used an outline. Too much planning when I write bogs me down. I would imagine that makes most professional writers cringe, haha. There's probably some kind of balance between the perfect amount of research and writing, but I haven't found it yet. Writing this way is what works for me, it's what gives me a rough draft to go back and edit. So this is the way I'll do it.

I'll probably put some of my planning ideas up here once I get them done, but I'm also on a blog with my friends, so we'll see what happens XD

Bye all~


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