Future Short Story

8/22/2011 , 0 Comments

This was a dialogue exercise from a couple of days ago.

"Corwin, I'm a Hunter."
"I understand that."
"And nothing you can say will ever make me stop being a Hunter."
"I respect your dedication."
"Then you see why this won't work."
"Not really, no."
"I'm a Hunter. You're my prey."
"You eat people."
"I certainly don't. Why do you think I own the largest cattle ranch in the industry? It isn't because I like the smelly beasts, I assure you."
"You don't... But there were three deaths in the region over the last month. All exsanguinated. Everything points to-"
"It wasn't me."
"Then someone's done a great frame job."
"I'll help you figure out who."
"That cow blood? It's lowered your IQ."
"Your ultimate goal is the cessation of these killings? Eliminate me and you'll lose an ally. The murders will continue."

I'm excited to see where it leads.


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