August Writing Project

8/02/2011 , 2 Comments

Well, I'm off again. I wrote about 1,400-odd words today. That's a victory! And Priest made me so angry I had to go clean something. I suppose that's a good thing, isn't it? I know he's actually not a bad guy, but writing this last scene I hated him, haha. My nickname for him is the 'Snarky Bastard' and I say it with affection. He's a good antagonist for Zero, throwing down road blocks and generally keeping the poor elf from accomplishing his goals.

It's nice to be writing again. During the good times I wonder why I ever thought I couldn't do this, why I was afraid to put a sentence to a Word document or even long hand it. The secret is copious amounts of caffeine. I've had two pots of tea and four or five cups of soda. When you're that caffeinated it's easy to have hope for betterment!

And that's it for now! Nothing is edited, so I'll not torture the eyes of you imaginary readers.

See ya~


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  1. Huzzah~! Maybe it's Priest who is making you cranky? That would be a nice thing, right? ( I know it's not only that >< ) That certainly sounds promising though. XDD I am SO curious what he did to make you so mad!!

  2. Haha, maybe. But I think it's the other things. Thinking of ym story makes me happy, feels more like an escape than something to make me angry, haha.

    Maybe I'll let you read it. Eventually XP