Another Interesting Writing Prompt

Procrastinating today, I found this little segment tucked into my notebook:

'They thought I charged ahead without caution and waited for the day I would fall. I knew it. I saw it in their eyes. Do the aristocracy not know their people? I knew mine. I knew they wanted what I had.'

And just below that:

'I felt like I could lie down and sleep forever. Each step down the marble hall reverberated in my bones. Every sound-- if there were any in that silent place aside from my own slippered steps-- came from a distance, like hearing the ocean's waves through ears filled with cotton. It felt like a dream.

A dream wouldn't have hurt.'

Just thought I would share ^^

In other news, Thomas Bergersen released a CD titled 'Illusions'. Everyone should go give it a listen. The man does amazing stuff. I recommend 'Promise' and 'Soulseeker'.

And I added 650 words to Old Dominion today. Yay~



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  1. Ooooooh why tidbits with nothing more? XDD Always so interesting!

  2. Tidbits is all I write down XD That's all that come to me, haha. But they do tempt me when I come back to them ^^