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6/20/2011 , 0 Comments

Well, I'm stalled. Not in a 'hit a wall' kind of way, but more of a 'I lost all confidence in myself' sort of way. I feel like I've let a lot of people-- including myself-- down recently and it's sapped my will to do anything clean away. Whether I have or not is up for debate. But this is a writing journal, not a place for my melancholy postings.

I did come to a realization about my novel in this time though! I've been poking at it, studying it (yes, studying it is the antithesis to getting a first draft done) and I think I've made real progress. Since no one else ever reads this anyway, I feel I can post it here and not let the sand out of the proverbial bag.

I've been rereading Les Edgerton's 'Hooked" book. He talks in there about the Inciting Incident, or the place where all trouble starts, the Initial  Surface Problem, the thing they're trying to solve, and the Story Worthy Problem, something I've been struggling to understand for a year and a half now. It's easy, you might say. Well, sometimes people forget how to spell the word 'the'. Things come quicker to some people than others. Anyway, I've never been able to figure out what exactly the SWP was for Old Dominion. I think I have an inkling now.

Zero's buried problem, the one that's going to take him all novel to realize he needs to overcome, is his decision to make bad choices. Looking at what I have for the book now, it makes perfect sense. Because he blames himself for what happened the second time he touched the Cursed Prince's Stone, he unconsciously makes himself suffer by making decisions that hurt him. He's punishing himself for something that wasn't his fault. Only he doesn't know that. He has no idea. The SWP is the "driving force behind the initial surface problem as it's ultimately what the protagonist must reconcile at the end of the story" (Edgerton, 'Hooked' 26). It's never overtly stated in the novel. I feel like I understand things a little better now. Yay!

And that's my update for now. Jya~


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