Ema Eggs

6/23/2011 , 0 Comments

On a gem hunting foray with my mom, we ended up in Black Market Minerals. I found something there called Ema Eggs. From the card that comes with the stone Ema eggs "are quartz stones that are naturally tumbled in the Ema River in Brazil. A flat polished surface has been cut to see the inside. Some call this the original crystal ball. The fortune teller would tell a person's future by looking into the 'window' of the quartz stone".

The moment I saw them, a scene for Priest and Zero formed in my head. I even found the perfect stone for poor Zero. I'm excited to try and write it. Maybe it'll end up being a submission for class next semester. If I can, I'll put up pictures of the stones that Zero uses in the novel.

That's all for now~


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