For a Work Friend

5/06/2011 , 0 Comments

I mentioned that I would put up a sample of my steampunk novel and here it is~ This is a little bit of the first chapter. JFG Buddy! I hope you enjoy it!

The story is about an elf, Zero Laylian, who lives and works in the human city of Amara as a smuggler of elven antiquities. A long time ago, the elves of the Central Continent died out. No one really knows why. Except Zero. He's the last of that lost race. When a man shows up and blackmails Zero into working for him, he has to make a choice. Will he retieve the Crused Prince's Stone, a weapon that could potentially end all life on the Central Continent, and save the fragile life he's built in Amara? Or will he reclaim his lost heritage, but lose everything he cares about?

I suck at summary, so I apologize, haha. Click on the link for the chapter:

This is a password protected post!! To see the content, email me for the code :)


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