For Nachan

5/04/2011 2 Comments

I wrote a lot of things last night (or the beginning of a lot of different things...), but here's the snippet of dialogue that I'm working with now. It's set in my Old Dominion world.

"I want to live under my own power."

"Then you're a fool. Half blind, ill, have you forgotten you can't channel magic? What can you accomplish?"

"More than you--or anyone from the city-- could ever expect. Leave me."

"I won't. Accept it or not, you need a doctor. Maybe not now, you're right, but soon. And by the time you send word to the city for help, it will be too late.

"I wouldn't call."

"That's why I'm here."


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  1. Welly welly well then! 83 That sounds exciting. It sounds liek the excerpt on the back of a novel. <3 I'm excited to open the cover~

  2. XD You think? I'll type it up soon, I swear. It's just sitting there in my notebook, laughing at me. I need another pair of eyes on it x.x