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1/24/2011 , 1 Comments

'"You really thing you can hold me here?"
"No. Not for long. But long enough."
"You think so."
The rattle of the cage drew my eyes to it. And by drew I meant twitched. But so far the super-tempered durasteel was holding. It had better, for the price I paid. "You'll get out of there when we arrive. Not any sooner if you value life."
"Funny words, coming from you."
I crossed my arms. The figure in the cage apparently appreciated the irony and slunk back against the far wall.'

I wrote this in my notebook for a warm up a while back. Going back through, it caught my eye. I'm not sure who the characters are or what the situation is, but I think it could have potential. Maybe I'll poke at it a little more.

Also, I'm starting work again on Old Dominion. I hand wrote the next section, so now I just need to type it up and edit. Probably edit a lot, haha. But that's nothing new.


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  1. That is a freakin awesome prompt. >////> I'm commenting in hopes to remind you of it.