Day 8 of NaNo 2010

11/07/2010 0 Comments

Inevitably I fell behind. I started over four times, so it was to be expected. However this time I think I'm going strong! (*knocks on wood*) My main character, Mihn, has become a minor character and Syrus, who I thought would work better as a minor character, stepped up to play. Also, I gained a new character, who's playing counter position to Syrus. Aryad is his friend as well as the man contracted to hunt him for the Mysterium. They've got plenty of tension between them (I hope)

My problem last time was I had no conflict. What I thought would work (Mihn wanting to save Syrus from changing completely into an animal, was not enough to get her out into the world. It wasn't her problem. There wasn't any charge to things. No sense of urgency. I solved it by making Syrus the view point character. There's more spark now.

I've found that hand writing has really helped move things forward. It's slower and less legible, but there's just something about putting pen to paper. The words come easier. They're better. The writing is less cluttered with the unimportant things. I wrote close to 2,00 words that way (all of my new beginning). I would encourage anyone who's stuck to try it. And make sure you use a pen that makes you want to write more. Mine are colored as well as glittery, so sometimes you just write to watch it sparkle, haha. Or maybe it's just me.

Gotta get some sleep before the staff meeting at work tomorrow. Good night, all~



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