Day 13 of NaNo 2010

11/12/2010 , 0 Comments

I've noticed that my spelling outside of my novel has been really bad recently. I don't know if that's my subconscious refusing to cooperate while I'm still behind or if I'm just not paying attention.

Right now I have 18,051 words done out of 21,667. I'm catching back up again! It's beyond pleasing. I really like what I'm writing now. Switching my viewpoint characters solved all my troubles.Things are flying out onto the page (*sound of knocking on wood*) and even while I'm sure I'll cut half of it out and have to expand most of it later, I'm still pleased with the way things are going. Aryad has kidnapped Mihn and they're going to hunker down in a cave for the night. Neither of them are very happy about it, haha. Syrus and Furore are off doing something. Hopefully they made it into Sai-Jiang (the country they're supposed to meet Mihn in). I'll find out in a little bit, I'm sure.

Hot showers, Starbucks hot Chai Tea, the new Anna Nalick song, Thomas Bergerson's song 'Promise' and Conjure One have gotten me this far. Going out of the house to write has been useful too. Still, I find I do most of my word count sitting on my bed at night with the room illuminated with the light from my laptop screen. I'm a creature of comfort, haha.

Nothing else to report from the noveling front. Other than I now compulsively press 'Ctrl S' all the time.


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