NaNo Failure

12/15/2009 , 1 Comments

This just doesn't seem to be my year for big writing projects. Oh well. Maybe there's a reason. I capped out on NaNo at about 28,000 words this year. I started over because I thought my story was the worst thing ever written. I didn't believe the NaNo book and started all over. Bad mistake. Reading back over the story, it was really good. I"m going to try and finish them this December. My current track record says it won't happen, but I'm not gonna put myself under pressure for a while. Maybe I need a little break?


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1 comment:

  1. Hi Sare,

    Yeh, I think a little break is in order. You have been under a lot of stress also! the last few months, and then before that just keeping grades up to keep the scholarships and stuff. I will be glad, tho',when you get back to writing your story:) I love you. Maum