NaNoWriMo - Day 4

11/04/2009 0 Comments

It's the start of a new day for my NaNovel (NaNo Novel). I've been feeling really put out about it. I don't remember last year being so hard! I don't remember stressing out and feeling like my writing was complete drivel. But I guess I did, according to my friends and family. Knowing that, I feel beter somehow. Like a lot of weight has been lifted from my heart.


Elezar and Snefru are turning out fine as characters. I think I need to give them more room to just run with things though. There is still something that doesn't feel right about them yet. It might be because I'm trying a third person limited viewpoint. I really like getting into the head sof everyone whenever I feel like it, but this NaNovel is going to be 3rd limited, even if it kills me. (If it does get close to killing me, I'm going to go omniscient and work things out later, so no worries!) 


The plot is turning out relitively okay. It had a shaky start at first, but I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. I think I'll just let the characters do whatever they want. They know what I want, but do they listen? Of course not. Then again, that's only fair, it's their story after all. Things tend to turn out better if I just follow them where they want to go, rather than forcing them to do things my way (like the ill-written car trip in my NaNovel).


I'll try to update this at least every few days. I'd like to have a chronicle of my current NaNo, even if no one else reads it.

Thanks to anyone who did look~


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