Nine Days!

10/22/2009 , 0 Comments

That's right! Only nine days until this year's NaNoWriMo! If you don't know what that is, look it up! It's a blast. This will be my second year. I'm doing things a little differently this time around.

First off, I'm going to use an outline. A brief, probably unfinished outline. I'm just going for some better planned plot elements this time around. I mean, jumping head first into the whole thing last year was great, but I'm all for new experiences! And planning a novel will be one of them, haha. I never know the right ending until I've been writing for a bit, so the last half of my outline might be a bit more sketch like than my first. Still, I'm going to try and get some scripted events down on paper.

 Secondly, my Main Character this time around is a major pain! I say this all the time in real life, so it feels a bit repetitive putting it here, but NaNo is all about forging ahead in the face of uncertainty! So that's what I'll do here as well. He started off as a detective, morphed into an FBI agent, then admitted he was part of a secret organization funded by the government. And he's best friends with a character form a completely different story. Who knew? Well, an interesting MC should keep the story moving ahead. I shudder to think what he'll do to my little outline though. Maybe it's not even worth trying?

 Who's on third? I still have a lot of preparation to do. Still, NaNo is one of those things you just have to go with. I'm not stressed at all about it yet.

And that's all I can think of!



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