NaNoWriMo 2009

10/05/2009 0 Comments

I found my 'No Plot? No Problem!' book! Rather Mom found it. Go mom! With this book, henceforth the NaNoBook, I feel empowered and ready for NaNo Preparation! Except I have vowed to not seriously start planning until the last week of October. Maybe the last week and a half. I wonder...

 Also, as that last year 2000 words a day left me with 55,000 a week or so earlier than the end of November, I wonder if I should try for more? Like 60,000 or something? That would be... well, still 2000 a day, but I wouldn't be able to let up until the end, unlike last year. That might be a little more challenging. 60,000 or 65,000? 65,000 would be pushing it... That feels like a lot to me. That's 2242 words a night for 29 days straight. And even if I fall short, I can still win. I just might not be finished. Hm. Maybe I'll try that. What do you guys think? 65,000 words in a month. Or 63,800 words in one month if I do 2,200 words a night. 63,800 might be a fun number to finish on.

And is it really planning if something just jumps out at you? I said no planning, but is it my fault if, when I write something while listening to a certain song, one of my characters jumps out and says, "Me! Pick me! I have a story for you!" Not my fault, right? They did it. Right! I was not actively involved in the NaNo planning, so therefore, it's not planning! I'm still not sure if I'll do it, but I wrote a letter to that character asking if they were really interested. He said yes, so I told him that it was only an option at this point and that I may do something else. He's fine with that. So we'll see. The NaNoBook will decide the fact of my story plots. I guess it's time to go back through my notes and everything too, huh?

Oh! Mom is gonna do NaNo this year too! It's so cute, she's all signed up on the website and everything! It'll be ncie to NaNo alongside more people I know. She's been having a bad time recently. I reminded her that NaNo was coming up and she said she'd consider it. After a little wheeling and dealing for the NaNo, she agreed to do it. She wanted to do it a few months ago too. I think it'll be a good stress relief for her. I hope she enjoys it. She's gonna find a cheap portable typing thingie and write at work and such. She's even ordering her very own NaNoBook. It'll be interesting to see what she does.

 Also, for those actually reading this, I did get accepted into the Creative Writing program! Yay! We had our first meeting today, which went well. I got to meet a few of the other certificate program students. They all seem really accomplished, so it's a bit intimidating, but I'm gonna do my best! They're nice. I'll try not to be scared, haha.

I'm also signed up for another class in addition to my Intro to Fiction course. It's a one on one with a professor from the Creative Writing department. It's really an interesting thing! And by interesting, I mean fun! He's a great guy, really great to talk to, and I think it'll help with my writing. He's loaned me a couple of books to help with my understanding of PoV and such things. I'm working on reading those now. This week, we might get a couple of short stories printed and read those.  It's a great little class. I'm looking forward to the whole semester of it.

And that's it for now!
Good night!


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