SocNoc Failure

7/18/2009 0 Comments

Well, the Southern Cross Novel Challenge did not work out for me this year, haha. I got 11,660 words in before losing my drive.

I do know what went wrong though. Before starting a story, knowing your PoV is really important. I mean, I knew which one to write it in and that worked well, but my perspective character was wrong. Very wrong. As much as I love Isamael, he can't be my main character this time around. He doesn't care enough about the issues in the story. I found that instead of him, it was the girl causing me the most trouble, Nari, who was really moving things along. It's her story, not Isam's. So I suppose it was a good thing I didn't get very far in. I need to do some major rewriting.

I haven't written anything since then. I need to edit some older stories for a portfolio and apply to a writing program at my college. Here's to courage! Wish me luck, my invisible friends!


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