Which One?

6/10/2009 2 Comments

I'm stuck trying to decide which story to write. I have two (viable) options. Theoretically, there are a myriad of things I could write, but I've narrowed it down to these two.

The first is a sequel to the novel I wrote in November. I've resigned myself to the fact that this previous novel will not be perfect anytime soon. That said, I really miss my characters and would like to see how the story turns out.

Story Two places us in a fantasy world, beset by social upset and a war by two goddesses for domination of the sky. My main character would be a man, transformed to look like the enemy, trying to do something about it? No, he just wants to end the Shadow Goddess to help end the needless suffering of the land. He's hurt by events in his life, but rather than sit around and mope about it, he's gonna go do something about it. He's going to use his rage and pain constructively. Channel it.  He's a bit more driven that I thought, but to be the main character, he's going to have to be. And I do want him to be the main character. I like the other guys, but he is my favorite. So shouldn't I focus on him?

Also, when listening to another friend today, I got some great insight into my MC's motivation. He's had a brush with death, so he's not gonna just sit back and let life pass by. He's going to be active and want to achieve things. I had to get that down somewhere so I wouldn't forget it later.

I think I've mostly talked myself into the new one. Talking with a close friend of mine revealed we both felt the same way about our novels! Hard to connect to, feels hollow. We think it is because we don't really understand the story yet. The last time we wrote a novel, there was something that ahppened, that we knew we had to do. Once we did it, or accepted doing it, we liked the books a lot better. So that's what I need to find. I feel better now, like maybe there is nothing wrong with my story after all! A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I'm going to write a new one! A fantasy one! I'm gonna do it!



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